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Pope St. John Paul II - Founder of the ITI
Schloss Trumau 1672, the campus main building
The campus alley
Our new Byzantine Chapel - icons written by ITI graduate
The newly consecrated Byzantine Chapel
A vibrant campus community
Class - seminar style, in the open
The ITI Faculty in 2017
Joyful students
Study in our impressive library
A rich liturgical life
Daily adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on campus
Campus in Spring glory
Students and graduates
A joyful student community
The ITI soccer team in action
The 2017 Graduation Procession
Our 2017 Graduates listen to the Grand Chancellor speak
Graduation 2018
We have made it...
ITI - a student community of friends
The new Allan and Radwan Riley Hall
Go out into the world and proclaim the Gospel!

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5 Dezember 2017 Vorsitzender der Österreichischen Bischofskonferenz kritisiert Entscheidung des ...

Abortion is the gravest evil of our time and we all have a duty to be informed and be active in combating this ...

VENI, Creator Spiritus, mentes tuorum visita, imple superna gratia quae tu creasti pectora. COME, Holy Spirit, ...

Condemned to death in 2009 for insulting Islam, the Pakistani Catholic is still awaiting her final verdict. On ...

It is doubtful that the Holy Spirit needs the voice of every Catholic with a blog and a Twitter account to set ...


Eastland Solstice uGb9V9R
recorded on June 09, 2018.

"St. Therese and St. Joan of Arc"A Thursday Lecture by Dr. Andrei Gotia given on March 8, 2018

G by GUESS Londean TET9D5mDO
given on February 22, 2018.

The Role of Faith in Lawmaking

English - Consortio Summer 2017 (PDF)

„Liebe Ist ...“ – 21. Jänner 2017: 6. Fachtagung zum Thema Ehe und Familie an der Hochschule Trumau Deutsch – Consortio Sommer 2017 (PDF)

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International Theological Institute

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Wheelchairs are for people who cannot walk or stand for very long, not just people who cannot walk or stand at all. That would be like claiming you don't need to use a car to drive across town because you can walk five minutes down the road to the corner shop.

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